As the world continues to take extra precaution amid the coronavirus outbreak, people may find themselves bored with nothing much to do. Fady Rizk was inspired to continue to help people see the positive side of things while giving them hope with his show, The Quarantine Show. After all, now more than ever, we need not only hope but the strength, resilience and endurance to overcome the tragedies around us.

Since the start of the quarantine, he started inviting celebrities from across the world to talk to them about their journey, how they started, things they are proud of, and what insights and learnings they have for people wanting to start a passion they have always wanted to do. Besides making his fans laugh along with his guests, people have been following the show for the valuable things they can learn.

He has since interviewed the American director Matt Eskandari who directed several great Hollywood movies including a trilogy starring Bruce Willis and the hilarious Netflix comedian David Arnold, who talked about his amazing journey and great Netflix special, The Fat Ballerina. Other guests in the show include Tara Grammy, the Iranian-Canadian actor who played “Nousha” on the 2020 romance-comedy A Simple Wedding; Ahmed Ahmed, Egyptian-American comedian and actor; Qusai, the Arab ambassador of hip-hop; great actors like the incredible Egyptian actress Nahed elSebai, the great Egyptian actor Ahmed Amin, the wonderful Egyptian actor Sherif Ramzi; entrepreneurs like Daliah Galal, the wonderful media entrepreneur and celebrity manager; Sherry Kilany, the founder of Scoop Empire (one of the biggest online magazines in the Middle East); Amr Mansi, the CEO of ievents, the mastermind behind many of Egypt’s major sports and cultural events; the great film director Said el Marouk, the highly esteemed TV Presenter Enjy Kiwan, Tamer Habib, one of the most prolific Egyptian screenwriters; and directors, musicians, influencers, sports figures, a magician, a puppeteer, and other amazing artists and celebrities from across the Middle East. 

Every week, people look forward to The Quarantine Show. They are entertained during a time where everyone is anxious, scared, and bored. This show gives hope and helps people understand that if they don’t make it for the first time, they can still make it on the 2nd, 3rd, and even the 17th time. All they need to do is to keep moving forward and continue chasing their dreams. If he invites a musician, you can’t help but dance when you see him dancing while the musician performs.

Fady is preparing now for a new season of the quarantine show that will start streaming in April 2021 titled ‘POST-Quarantine Show With Fady Rizk.’

As an Egyptian stand-up comedian who is now living in New York, his performance usually tells his story and experience from living in the Middle East and then moving to the US. His routine supports the idea of minimizing judgments about Arabs with playful comedic relief. With his wit and natural talent for comedy, his set never disappoints. 

He has shared the stage with Jim Gaffigan and performed at various big-name clubs like Gotham Comedy Club, The Comic Strip, Broadway, Caroline’s, and NY. Comedy Club, where a lot of legendary comedians around the world started like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, and Seinfeld. Fady has also been featured on Comedy Central Arabia. In fact, he just got a shoutout on Joe Rogan’s podcast by the one and only comedian Andrew Schulz. As an Egyptian standup comedian born and raised in Egypt then Dubai, moving to the US and making a name for himself in New York became a story of resilience and inspiration to his fans all over the world.

He is not only making people laugh and entertaining them, but he is also educating them. For one to make it big in a country filled with expectations, one should shed light on certain cultural barriers, and he is doing exactly that. Fady helps different backgrounds see the bigger picture while breaking down stereotypes and how they can affect the communities we live in. His goal is to assist the public’s view on individuals as humans, not just as groups that are segmented into boxes.

Indeed, Fady has captured the hearts and laughs of everyone who watches his show across the world, and he continued to do it even after the quarantine was over. It will be no surprise if he will have his own comedy special or his own version of a late-night show anytime soon.Watch Fady Rizk and his show on Instagram with the hashtag #quarantineshowwithfadyrizk.


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