The gift of motherhood is a blessing in and of itself. It is a difficult task that most mothers have to navigate carefully, especially in these trying times. Ayelet Kaznelson has spent over two decades of her life helping mothers through the toughest parts of motherhood, forging her own career path as a professional lactation consultant after taking a break from the acting industry.

Ayelet Kaznelson is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Labor Support Doula. In 1999, she experienced the joys of motherhood for herself when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Zoë. After feeling a certain degree of pressure as a first-time mother, she realized that other women might need all the help they can get. 

She knew that she wanted to provide support for other lactating mothers who might find their new role to be a little too overwhelming. So, she took it upon herself to become a lactation consultant and help empower other mothers around her. Ayelet trained at the Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center and passed her boards successfully right after the birth of her second child, her wonderful son, Liam. She fully enjoyed her time as a trainee. However, the birthing center eventually had to close its doors. Luckily, Ayelet’s mentors invited her to open a private practice called The Manhattan Lactation Group. After several years, Ayelet Kaznelson traveled to Los Angeles to open another private practice called The Los Angeles Lactation Group. 

In 2007, she moved back to New York City and began her own private practice there as well. Apart from her professional skills as a lactation consultant and a labor support doula, Ayelet Kaznelson is adept at teaching at the Prenatal Yoga Center and Manhattan Valley Pediatrics. Throughout her storied career, Ayelet has managed to help over 10,000 women along with their babies. 

“My mission is to offer counseling, support, evidence-based information, and help to pregnant and chest/breastfeeding parents during the period in their lives that can be both monumentally exquisite and yet overwhelmingly fragile,” explained Ayelet Kaznelson. 

After spending two meaningful decades as a lactation consultant, Ayelet Kaznelson feels fulfilled knowing that her support has played a vital role in families across the country. Nowadays, she feels deep inside her that it is finally time for her to pursue her other dreams. After taking a long hiatus from acting, she is confident and optimistic that she can go back to acting and modeling despite her age.

Ayelet Kaznelson has a timeless sort of beauty that knows no age. With her all-natural features and her stunning appearance, she can effortlessly re-enter the acting and modeling industry with relative ease. With her poise, elegance, and beauty, Ayelet can easily grace the runways of major fashion brands and land leading roles in Hollywood movies. 

“I’m ready for a change and to take on new exciting endeavors. I think this is my time,” said Ayelet Kaznelson. “I have never done anything to alter my body or face. Didn’t even fix a broken nose.” Ayelet Kaznelson sees herself becoming a full-time actress in the coming years. With the way things are going now, it’s all but guaranteed; the only real question is when.

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