Tremaine T Barnes has taken charge of his professional acting career and is on a journey to the top with the creation of his new series, Fate and Destiny: Crossroads. Tremaine T Barnes comes from Mississippi and has done nothing but put in the work as an actor. He believes strongly in putting his abilities on display for everyone to see, which explains why he’s working hard on his upcoming series, Fate and Destiny: Crossroads, to show the world what he’s capable of and get everyone to see what he has to offer as an actor.

Tremaine T Barnes is one of the first youngest upcoming actors to be ranked as a pro in Mississippi. He already has some form of recognition in his immediate domain but is looking for more avenues to put his brand out more, which he has done by taking the bull by the horns with his own production. The release date for Fate and Destiny is to be announced, but Tremaine himself has said it is one of his most exciting projects, and he hopes it will make its mark on Hollywood audiences.

Tremain T Barnes cites hard work as one of his most prized virtues. “I believe strongly in trusting and going through the process. I know everything has a beginning, and this is mine, even though I have to do most of it by myself. I’m willing to go through it, pay my dues and climb up the success ladder in the film industry,” he said.

Tremaine is looking to capture the film audience in Mississippi, and news outlets looking to showcase young talent like him.

“Support is the lifeblood of showbiz, and I need a lot of that to scale. I hope people appreciate my hard work, support my craft and prop me up with that support,” he added.

Tremaine T Barnes does not see himself in competition with anyone in the film industry. He sees acting as a solo journey that can be achieved without pitting people against each other.

“My agent and I take things one step at a time. If something doesn’t work, we try again until it works. The big steps are there to take, but I’m not going faster than my timeline to get them,” Tremaine explained.

Tremaine’s acting journey has been one filled with motivation, realistic goals, and belief in God. He never loses sight of the bigger picture as he works towards success.

His five-year goal is to be far beyond where he currently is while running multiple successful series starting with Fate and Destiny: Crossroads, which he’s filming at the moment. With everything going as planned, Tremaine T Barnes’ biggest goal would be to put Mississippi on the map and become an influential figure giving young people a reason to dream, hope, and never give up on the things they desire. His Fate and Destiny series is near completion, and the release date will be announced soon.

Learn more about Tremaine Barnes on his official Instagram page.


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