Evette Vargas has always been passionate about promoting inclusion and equality in the television and film industries. She spent over a decade of her life mentoring and advocating for underrepresented storytellers, specifically Latinx, BIPOC, LGBTQAI+, and women who have what it takes to create a phenomenal hit. Out of her activism, The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc. was born. It is an organization that mentors storytellers and supports their dream of becoming integral parts of major entertainment industry projects.

As a thriving writer, director, and producer, Vargas mentored five highly-skilled and diverse screenwriters in 2019. They all aspired to break into television. To help them out further, she organized a writer’s room setting, where the writers broke a season arc of the series Killing Eve. They also wrote an episode of that season arc, which culminated in a table reading of their own scripts. The writers undeniably achieved a breakthrough. Vargas was even more surprised to hear from all the 20 actors who participated in the table read expressed their admiration for the writing skills of her team. That single event fuelled Vargas’ resolve to further her cause to mentor more writers. 

As a result of her hard work and intervention, eight of the writers from The Writers Room 5050 Foundation have been hired, and ten of the project pitches they came up with in the Pitching the TV Series Lab have moved forward. 

Evette Vargas is best described as an immersive storyteller that has resulted in award-winning works as a writer, producer, and director. She was named Artist to Watch by the New York Times. She has produced a series for MTV, Amazon, DirectTV, and Bravo, to mention a few. Vargas also did interactive content for major projects, including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Madonna, Fast and Furious, and Wu-Tang Clan. She executive produced, wrote, and directed Dark Prophet, a digital series starring Henry Rollins, which was nominated for two Emmys. 

When it comes to creating a series for television, Vargas is exceptionally gifted. She sold her drama series, Muses, to TNT Super Deluxe, developed a drama series at GMG Television with Rosario Dawson and March Guggenheim as executive producers, and is currently creating another drama series for Entertainment One with Peter Johnson. At present, she is working on developing a project with Gamechanger Pictures. 

Evette Vargas’s personal experience and story of assimilation have empowered her to see things from a unique perspective. She has the remarkable ability to capture experiences from different points of view, bring people together from various walks of life, and build inclusivity and equity to every project from the ground up. These attributes have made her a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and she has successfully paved the way for so many people of color who are gifted with creative abilities that can create some of the most impactful content for cinema and television. 

Evette Vargas was motivated to establish The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc. to represent her voice as a storyteller, one that is authentic and filled with inspiring experiences. Determined to highlight her relentless activism and passion for instigating the necessary changes in the industry today, Vargas is confident that she will see her advocacy through regardless of the obstacles that she may encounter in the future. Best known for her unique attribute of not giving up in the face of failure, she is expected to fulfill her long-time dream to be the showrunner of her own shows while directing episodic television at the same time. 

Armed with the unmatched love and support of her family, Evette Vargas is committed to hustling her way into success. She will not let negative criticism slow her down nor dampen her spirit. Instead, she is bent on using them to propel herself further into greatness as she passionately promotes inclusion and equality in the industry. 

Found out more about The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc. by visiting its website. Follow Evette Vargas on Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 


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