Z Do Numbers

Acredibly, known as Z Do Numbers is a twenty-five-year-old artist from New Orleans and is currently “doing numbers” on well-known lyricists and rappers all throughout Houston as well as the United States. Coming from a rougher childhood than many could likely endure with gang activity and absent parents being a prominent theme, Z was required to pick and choose his influences and choose which direction would ultimately guide his passion.

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf State of Louisiana, Z moved around to Kentucky, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, where he picked up alternative hip-hop styles as well as a new respect for the game we all know so well. Once he arrived back to Houston, work exploded, and Z was provided the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Chris Brown, Quality Control, Lil Baby, Sherwood Marty, OG Boobie Black, as well as a few other notable artists.

Z feels as if he’s taken a lot of influence in his musical career from other artists such as Kevin Gates, to whom he feels he bears a lot of personality traits. Currently, Z is shooting a new video entitled “Really Rich” to be released in the very near future as well as seven other videos that are ready to be released as soon as it’s strategically sensible.

After spending time with this artist, we’ve come away really moved by his perspective, vision, and determination. We definitely believe throughout the summertime and through the remainder of 2021, Z Do Numbers is an artist to anticipate. When asked about the direction his creativity takes, he told us a large amount of the musical influence comes from everyday experiences and the struggle of what it takes to become a wealthy, respectable, young man in America despite the struggles that may come from family deunification and the startling lack of mutual respect and awareness for the well-being of our fellow man.

Listeners will find themes in his early music about the glorification of the “come up,” as someone might call it, and the rewards and risks of modern-day hip-hop culture. (Musical influences that Z regards highly include Kevin Gates with musical pieces such as “World Love” and “Wrong Love” as well as Halsey’s “Without Me.”)

Accolades and Legacy: Today, Z Do Numbers is in a unique position in being able to consider different musical contractual deals and having large amounts of freedom when considering collaborations with new and upcoming artists as well as more established ones. On a personal level, something Z is incredibly proud of is ironing out issues with close family and improving the family ties. He is really staying on the path to success without creating more unnecessary wariness and suffering for other people in his personal circle.

Although relatively early in Z’s career, he’s performed roughly two dozen shows, in Sacramento, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and a few other cities throughout the Southwestern Seaboard. He has great ambition to be heard anywhere people are willing to listen—fully indiscriminately—although he definitely has his eyes on going worldwide.

Z has created, collaborated, or been a part in the creation of at least 60 pieces of work in the past 8 months—a wildly impressive feat for someone so new to the music game.

Influential people met along the music path include notable artist Lil Baby before they were really into the full swing of their careers. The two were able to create a natural friendship, and it inspired Z to work harder at his own creative works. In Z’s youth, he met the likes of many members of Young Money/Cash Money in their early days via his stepfather. In this connection, he met Lil Wayne, who, in his heyday, was a beacon of success and the image of what Z’s career would later become if he kept to the hustle.

Denzel heartfully feels that there’s nothing in this industry or life that you cannot overcome and that the only obstacles we have are the ones we make. He states, “Staying on top of your pride and keeping yourself true and honest with your intentions is the best way to live a fulfilled life in any field.”

He also said, “The only downside in the game is people being inconsistent or letting their ego speak before their creations. People not always having the truest intentions with their friendship and not being able to trust the ones around you to the degree you’d ideally like to.”

Because of this, Z has repeatedly coined the term “Solo Mafia,” mostly referring to the fact that at the end of the day, no one should be more loyal to you than you. Not being afraid to have your own style and come to the table with a new angle or perspective—that’s really what he believes this is all about.


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