Over the past decades, technology has ushered in the golden age of filmmaking, the use of cameras and non-linear digital editing marking an evolution in the art of storytelling. With these new technologies, storytelling has evolved from exhaustive oral stories to write down stories that can only be imagined and now visual representations and films that bring each character to life. At the forefront of using new advances in technology to craft complicated yet beautiful cinematic films about real-life stories is filmmaker Brennan Strader and his production company Capture Films.

Established in 2018, Capture Films is an award-winning digital media production company focused on creating the perfect cinematic experience to bring a brand’s vision to life. As a digital media company, Capture Films uses professional filmmaking combined with creative minds to create breathtaking productions for clients that vary from top companies around the globe to small local businesses.

With a target audience of business owners, marketing leaders for startups, medium and large-sized companies, the company films almost any type of project or event, including short movies and music videos, while specializing in marketing and commercials. The company’s mission is simplified in its name, “Capture,” as the brilliant minds behind the company want to capture creative media that turns imagination into reality.


Many of the company’s past clients have left raving reviews, applauding the company and its creatives for jobs well-executed. One of the reviews reads, “After working with dozens of videographers in the past, Capture Films tops them all. They perfectly bring our ideas to life and create videos that portray our company in the best light. I love working with them and will continue to do so for a long time.”

At the company’s helm is founder and CEO Brennan Strader, an award-winning commercial filmmaker and entrepreneur. Under Brennan’s esteemed leadership, Capture Films has collaborated with several global brands like Shell, Visa, All Detergent, Spin Master and even non-profits organizations like The Child Liberation Foundation to create unforgettable cinematic experiences. 

At Capture Films, the focus is not just on making a video but also on creating the perfect and most creative cinematic story developed from a data-driven marketing campaign to embody a brand’s lifetime value. Sharing the company’s core strategies, Brennan said, “as an award-winning production company, we have learned a thing or two about content creation. We have learned that the best ads are no ads at all. Instead, they are stories that make people feel something. That is what converts, and we are not just talking about the sale, but the hearts of customers.”

As a successful entrepreneur, Brennan has built several companies over the past few years, some of which turned out to be highly successful. Channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into his latest venture, he is dedicated to expanding Capture Films into a global brand. He wants to scale his company into a valuable asset in most Fortune 500 companies’ networks in the coming years. “I see us doing commercials for the Super Bowl and traveling all over the world creating beautiful films and commercials,” he shared.

To learn more about Brennan Strader or book an event coverage with Capture Films, visit the company’s website.


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