When embarking on a new project or undertaking, the most challenging part is always right at the beginning. This is especially true for aspiring entrepreneurs who are trying to build a thriving enterprise. After all, so much trial and error, adjustments, and experimentation occur during this stage. As a result, many feel discouraged when things do not seem to go their way. So to help these hopeful business owners effectively scale their success, one incredible brand was created: BOSS Startup Science.

The extraordinary venture is a learning center that helps aspiring business owners win. It is rooted in the BOSS or Business Operating Support System, a business methodology focused on early-stage start-ups providing a framework designed to achieve a successful liquidity event within five years. The program was created and developed by start-up specialist and expert entrepreneur Gregory Shepard. 

BOSS Startup Science stands out for its impressive and holistic approach that empowers entrepreneurs while increasing the success rate of their start-ups. Furthermore, it intends to help early-stage founders avoid common mistakes by improving their understanding of starting, growing, and scaling with less risk.

In addition to its tried-and-tested curriculum, what separates the remarkable brand from its competition is the leadership and guidance of its co-founder Gregory Shepard. The insightful business owner has an impressive set of credentials under his belt and extensive experience in the industry of more than 25 years. 

He is also responsible for 12 liquidity events, two of which were sold as part of a $925 million transaction. On top of that, he is an award-winning entrepreneur who has won 4 PE awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion.

Because of his profound knowledge in the field, Gregory Shepard is a trusted resource speaker. He has appeared on several podcasts as well as popular network TV and radio shows to share his expertise on how to scale a start-up successfully. Additionally, he is a TEDx speaker and keynote speaker for universities, associations and conferences worldwide.

Aside from his unrivaled proficiency in growing brands, the awe-inspiring individual is passionate about helping other people. He is not in the industry simply for the financial aspect, but more importantly, he wants to see others thrive. In fact, BOSS Startup Science is only one of his many ventures. The wise man has also created BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing worldwide in tech start-ups.

Because of his passion to help, he has written a research paper on why startup companies within the world are doing most things wrong and why there is a 90% failure rate. The research paper, called Silver Master, will definitely help entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Greg’s focus being a successful entrepreneur was to provide a blueprint or guide to new startup companies embarking on their journeys to profitability. Key areas like ‘MOTM,’ or missions, objectives, tasks, and measures showcase the efficacy of focusing on areas of importance while removing wasteful activities that have been historically followed by higher percentages of start-up companies that have failed within their first 2-years.  

When asked what pushes him to build his enterprise, the business owner responded, “I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check to check into a different category of wealth.”

In the future, BOSS Startup Science aims to continue what it started and guide more aspiring entrepreneurs to financial freedom and success. But most importantly, Gregory Shepard hopes that his ventures will make a difference and a lasting impact in these people’s lives.To learn more about BOSS Startup Science, check out its official website. You can also visit Gregory Shepard’s personal page to find out more about his other projects.


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